Cocktail Style Wedding Reception

Why Throw a Cocktail Style Wedding Reception Party?

Having a lavish five-course meal at a wedding party appears to be a thing of past. Today more and more people are considering the option of having cocktail-style wedding receptions. It’s just more fun and turns out to be more economical for the newlyweds too. Let’s find out more reasons why this is becoming a more popular trend so that you too can consider this option if you are to get married in near future.


All function venues available may not offer a sit-down setting for your guests. In such cases, it is ideal to have a cocktail-style party. It offers more flexibility and gives everybody a chance to meet other people and have more fun. The room setting doesn’t have to be very classy and formal. It could be fun and casual too.

No More Hassle of Formal Seating Arrangements:

One of the biggest hassles at arranging a wedding reception is the arrangement of seating for each person. However, if you choose a cocktail style party for your wedding reception, you can still provide seating arrangement but it doesn’t have to be thought out for each person. Most people will prefer standing up and enjoy the whole event. The seating is for those who can’t keep standing throughout the evening.

People Can Mingle More:

Cocktail parties give your guests a chance to mingle with others more rather than sitting down only with those people who know each other. A lot of couples and families get to know each other and make friends with this way.

More Guests Can be Accommodated in A Small Venue:

Wedding parties usually call for large gatherings and if you were to have all your guests seated down, you’d need a larger space to do so which obviously comes at a higher price. A cocktail style party, on the other hand, can be arranged in tighter spaces with the same number of guests but at a much lower cost. In fact, you can choose from less traditional venues such, as an art gallery, a school playground or a museum besides the more traditional hotels, restaurants and event catering venues.

Great Variety of Food Options:

Cocktail parties are more sort of social finger food parties. Guests are served with a wide range of quality appetizers. The range and quality of these give the guests a chance to have as much as they like without having to formally use their cutlery to eat them. The food stations set up around the venue have even better variety of food such as fajita or canopy bar, cheese, deli meats, a pasta bar, or perhaps a beef carving station, gelato bars and coffee stations. Yummy!!!


Cocktail parties are less formal and much more fun. They are cheaper to organise and keep your guests entertained with music, food and intermingling at all times. If you are thinking of having a cocktail -style wedding reception, look no further. Just give it a go and make your special day more memorable.


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